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Non-stick Coating

Every kitchen cupboard has at least one pan with a non-stick coating. That's obvious, because you don't want food to stick to the pan. But did you know that many traditional non-stick coatings contain substances that can be harmful to your health? We explain how this works and what you can look out for when buying a pan with a non-stick coating.

Can a non-stick coating be toxic?


Yes, it could. A non-stick coating in itself is not toxic, but many traditional non-stick coatings (such as PTFE) are made with PFAS. PFAS stands for poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, and is a collective name for about 6,000 chemical substances which make products water-, grime-, and fat-resistant.


Harmful to humans and the environment

During the production of traditional non-stick coatings, these substances can end up in the environment and in our food chain. Toxic fumes can also be released when pans with a traditional non-stick coating overheat, which we then inhale. And that can be harmful to our health.

More about PFAS
More about PFAS

GreenPan pans are always PFAS-free

Ceramic non-stick coating

A ceramic non-stick coating is a healthy non-stick coating made from natural materials without PFAS. The basic ingredient of our ceramic non-stick coating, called Thermolon™, is derived from sand. We also reinforce the non-stick coating with diamond, for the extra non-stick effect. Diamond also gives the non-stick coating ironclad strength, making it last longer!




Back in 2007, the GreenPan founders discovered that many traditional non-stick coatings are made with PFAS. They therefore went in search of a healthy alternative, and developed the first ever PFAS-free ceramic non-stick coating on the market.

Advanced ceramic non-stick coating

Since the launch of the first PFAS-free non-stick coating, we at GreenPan have continued to innovate. As pioneers, it is in our DNA to bring the best possible coating to the market. As a result, our ceramic non-stick coating is one of the most advanced in the world!

More about GreenPan
More about GreenPan