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Induction suitable & oven safe cookware: what to look out for!

At last! Your new kitchen is ready and you can't wait to start cooking your favourite dish. You are switching to induction, will you still be able to use your pans? Or do you need to buy new ones? And can you or can't you put your frying pans in the oven to give your dish the finishing touch? No worries! Our pan experts will tell you exactly which pans are suitable for induction cooking and which pans can also be put in the oven.


Check whether your pan is suitable for induction

When cooking on induction, it is important that you have a pan with a magnetic bottom. Whether your pan has a magnetic base is easy to see: many pans have a spiral symbol at the bottom. If your pan has this symbol, then you're ready to cook!


No spiral at the bottom of your pan? Then your pan can still be suitable for induction cooking. Finding out if your pan is magnetic is quite simple. Take a magnet and see if it sticks. If it does, you can just use the pan. Easy as that! Here, too, our bright minds have developed clever technologies, each with its own name. Every day, they work enthusiastically on these and new technologies. We would like to introduce you to our innovations and tell you what the benefits are for your cooking skills. Would you like to take a look in our innovation kitchen?


Cooking with induction: how it works

With the right pan, cooking can really begin. After you put the pan on the induction plate, a magnetic field releases heat. This gets your pan hot and you can surprise everyone with an Italian pasta or a spicy curry.


Do you need a new pan for cooking on induction? Then we'll make your search easy: all our pans are suitable for induction. Want to know more about how we make sure your pan is suitable for every heat source?

Discover our technologies
Discover our technologies

From the cooker to the oven

After hours of browsing through recipes, you have finally found the perfect dish for that dinner with your friends. While cooking, you discover that the dish has to go straight from the cooker into the oven. Is this really possible with the pans you have? We understand your confusion, but fortunately it's easy to recognise whether your pan is suitable for the oven.


No flame in the pan: these pans are suitable for the oven

Not every pan is suitable for your oven. Pots and pans that are made entirely of stainless steel or ceramic can go straight into the oven. Pots and pans with a wooden handle should never be put in the oven!


These pans you can put directly in the oven from your induction hob:

All stainless steel pans (up to 220 °C)

Ceramics pans with a stay cool Bakelite handle (up to 160 °C)

Fortunately, almost all of our pans are oven-proof. Curious? Then take a quick look!

View all oven safe pans
View all oven safe pans

Of course, you love being in the kitchen and focusing on what you love most: cooking healthy and tasty meals for yourself, your friends and family. That's why we take care of the rest: high-quality pots and pans that allow you to put the tastiest dishes on the table. We have been developing pans that make healthy cooking fun and easy for you since 2007. On any heat source.

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