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A casserole is an absolute must-have in every kitchen. Our high-performing casseroles are designed for intensive daily use and come with glass lids for minimum heat loss. Shop them now.
Everyday use
For simmering, boiling and stewing
Healthy non-stick
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If you could only have three pieces of cookware in your kitchen, a casserole would definitely be one of them! What makes our casseroles great, is that they’re incredibly versatile and your go-to companion to make stock, soups, stews or braises. You can use them to boil potatoes, pasta or vegetables, or even lobsters if you’d want to. Our casseroles heat up quickly and evenly. They’re easy to use and easy to clean thanks to our Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating. They come with glass lids to shorten cooking times and help you keep an eye on the cooking process with minimal heat loss.
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