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Sauté Pans

Our sauté pans are an absolute treasure of multifunctionality. They come with a glass lid, which makes them perfect to prepare risotto, casseroles, or other dishes that have to simmer for a while.
Large cooking surface
For searing, braising, simmering and poaching
Healthy non-stick
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Filter for Sauté Pans

Sauté Pans

You might think that a sauté pan is not a kitchen essential. Until you give it a try. Then you’ll find yourself reaching for it almost every day of the week! That’s because this versatile piece of equipment can be used for a variety of dishes. It has a relatively large cooking surface, so you’ll have enough space to sear large, thicker pieces of meat. Our sauté pans have high, straight sides which makes them also great for braising meat or vegetables, as well as cooking saucy dishes such as risottos, casseroles, chillis or curries. Our sauté pans come with a glass lid, which is great to keep the heat and moisture in for flavourful, succulent dishes. Plus, they’re oven safe so you can give your food a golden brown crust or keep it warm while you’re waiting for your guests to arrive.
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