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Smart Technologies

Our healthy ceramic non-stick coating may be our flagship product, but we’ve also invented a range of cutting-edge technologies. We never cease to innovate – and we’re proud of that!


Reinforced with diamond

Diamond is the secret weapon behind our ceramic non-stick coating. That’s because diamond is both strong and an excellent heat conductor, with great non-stick properties.


Scratch Guard technology

An innovative surface technology that makes our coatings extra durable and scratch-resistant.


Magneto™ inductietechnology

A special technology that coats the bottoms of our pots and pans with ferromagnetic particles, to make sure they work like a charm on any heat source, including induction.


Evershine™ technology

This technology protects the stainless steel exterior of your cookware against heat discolouration, so your pots and pans keep looking as good as new.