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Tips & Tricks

Ceramic non-stick cookware requires a different approach than traditional non-stick cookware. Follow our tips & tricks to keep your cookware in perfect condition!


Turn down the heat

Preheat your pan at a low to medium heat setting before adding any oil or butter. Our ceramic non-stick cookware heats more efficiently than traditional non-stick cookware. There’s no need to use the highest heat settings for optimal frying results. Medium to high heat will do the trick. 


Don’t use Extra Virgin Oil

We recommend using some butter or oil, but make sure to use oil that is resistant to high temperatures. Never use Extra Virgin Oil or oil sprays! They will carbonize very quickly when your pan is heated, which will affect the non-stick ability of the ceramic coating. Never let oil smoke or burn!


Use wooden, rubber or plastic utensils

The ceramic non-stick coating is metal utensil safe, but wooden, rubber or plastic utensils are the better option. They will help you to keep the ceramic non-stick coating in excellent condition. 


Allow your cookware to cool down

It’s important to give your cookware enough time to cool down completely before washing. A hot pan plunged in cold water can result in a thermal shock, which will deform the pan.

Ceramic non-stick cookware is dishwasher safe, but over time the aggressive dishwasher detergents will affect the non-stick qualities of the ceramic coating. Using a soft dishcloth or sponge and a little bit of soap is a lot more gentle. That’s why we recommend handwash. Another option is to fill your pan with water and soap, and to bring it to a boil. This will instantly clean your non-stick coating, without damaging it. 


Use pan protectors

Use pan protectors to store ceramic non-stick cookware. That way you won’t damage the non-stick coating.